Benny Hinn has been recognized as an innovator, bridge-builder, and world-changer since the 1970’s. He’s written international best-selling books like Good Morning, Holy Spirit, founded one of America’s outstanding churches, hosted one of the world’s most recognized television broadcasts, attracted extraordinary attention through the Internet, and led many of history’s most-attended evangelistic gatherings.

Since he was called into the ministry in 1974, God has allowed Benny Hinn to sit at the feet and walk alongside many of the giants of the faith and great generals of God. Likewise, he was privileged to learn from the very finest pastors wherever he traveled.

Pastor Benny Hinn teaching at The Benny Hinn Institute


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Just as he had many in his life who poured their collective wisdom into him, God has specifically moved in Pastor Benny’s heart during recent years to pass all that he has learned onto others through the Benny Hinn Institute.

We have assembled thousands of hours of content from the greatest evangelists that have ever lived! The development of this rare collection of resources is one of our ministry’s finest hours.

Our mission is to compile exclusive teachings from the world’s most influential evangelists about the greatest outpourings of the Holy Spirit and make it universally accessible.


Many of the giants of the faith and their heirs have entrusted Benny Hinn with exclusive access to entire lifetimes of study, sermons, and teaching materials, knowing that he was highly motivated to preserve these resources and make them available to a wider audience.

Few people are alive today who experienced firsthand the great outpourings of the Holy Spirit that came in like a mighty wind and spread like wildfire. God gave me the privilege to be part of many of these great explosions of faith.

I was there, often sitting at the feet of these anointed pioneers, including Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee McPherson, Rex Humbard, and so many others. And I am grateful that these pioneers entrusted their audio, video, and printed resources to me.

Now, I’m thrilled to share that we have digitized and preserved a rare collection of resources, many of which needed special restorative care and otherwise would have been lost forever.

Our staff has catalogued and digitized these rare documents and records so that I can make them available to you through this immersive Benny Hinn Institute library.

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